January 18, 2011

The Gifted Garden, Gisborne

My Mum and I decided to go out for lunch today. I'd been moping around the house for the past couple of days and decided I just had to get out! So we headed into Gisborne, a small country town about 10 minutes drive from our place to The Gifted Garden. The Gifted Garden is a house which has been converted into shop which sells all different types of cute products, garden related as well as other housey related gifts. They do also have a small cafe in one of the front rooms and you can choose to sit inside, or out the front amongst the garden products. It was a little chilly today so we chose our food and sat in one of the front rooms inside.
Here's my skinny latte. This was a pretty good coffee. It was strong, but I like it that way. My Mum also had a latte, although in a mug, and said that it tasted lovely. 
Tomato, Pesto and Ricotta Bruschetta - $8.50. Usually you get two of these per serve, but we decided to split the serve in two and have one piece of the bruschetta each. While it tasted quite nice this wasn't the best bruschetta I've ever had. I did like the taste of the pesto on top and the warm tomatoes, but I guess I'm used to having fresh ingredients on top, and the bottom of the bread had gone a little soggy, although it was quite crunchy on the outside still. 
Flourless Orange Cake - $4.50. We both decided to finish off our lunch with something sweet and I decided on the flourless orange cake. This was soft and fresh with a very light orangy taste. Again, not the best flourless orange cake I've had, but still quite nice. I liked the small shot glass filled with cream - I thought that was a cute touch.
Carrot Cake - also $4.50. For her sweet my Mum chose the Carrot Cake and she received a very generous serve. This carrot cake came with a lemon flavoured icing, rather than the usual cream cheese icing, which Mum seemed a bit disappointed about. She commented that she should have gotten the same cake as me and gave me a 'disappointed face'. 

The Gifted Garden
16 Prince St
Victoria, 3437
Phone: 03 5428 8783

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