May 10, 2011

Breakfast at Little Swallow, Piper Street, Kyneton

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I'm a Library Technician at a High School. One of the perks about working in a school means that I get basically the same holidays as the staff and students. Which means that I recently had two and a half weeks off for the Easter holidays. One day I decided to take my Mum out for breakfast and a wander around the shops in Piper St, a popular road in Kyneton which is now full of beautiful cafes and eateries, as well as interesting shops. I actually used to go to High School in Kyneton (I graduated there in 1997) and remember always thinking Kyneton was the most boring place and not very classy. Little did I know that when I 'grew up' a little, I'd be choosing to go there for day trips and meals, and that it would turn into a, mostly, very classy and popular town.
We got a recommendation for Little Swallow from my sister, who lives in the area and weren't disappointed. It was very busy when we first got there - we had to sit on stools in the window, but a couple of people soon left so we had a little table to ourselves. We both started off with lattes - a must for a cold morning.
Skinny Latte - $3.50
I really liked the coffee here. Little Swallow uses Romcaffe brand coffee. It had a beautiful flavour, and not too creamy which is a good thing for me. I ended up having a couple of them.
Pikelets with banana, date and walnut compote and mascarpone $12.50
My Mum absolutely loved her Pikelets. She said that the pikelets were beautiful and soft, while the apple had a slight tart taste, while at the same time being sweet. It definitely got rave reviews from her, and she was left feeling full but still wanting more. Surely a sign of a good meal.
Mushrooms, spinach and goats cheese on toast with roasted hazelnuts $13.50
I felt like ordering something different and this combination, especially with the mushrooms and goats cheese really took my fancy. I really enjoyed it too, the cheese was beautiful and creamy, the spinach crisp, the mushrooms had a beautiful flavour and the hazelnuts added a nice crunch to the dish. Plus it was really filling without being too much.
58a Piper St
Kyneton, 3444
Ph. 0454226241


  1. Sounds like you certainly hit the jackpot here; great location, cafe, coffee and food looks divine. We'll have to try it together sometime soon. I think I'd like to try the banana pancakes!!

  2. Sounds like a plan :) I went there with Andrea for lunch once and that was really nice too (although the service that day was a little impersonal :S)


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