May 2, 2011

King Soup Singles : Wonton

I love finding new and interesting products at the supermarket to try. I'm willing to try a lot of things - up to a certain level (no canned tongues for me!) so whenever something grabs my interest I usually buy one to try. Recently I found this product, King Soup singles, in the soup section and it was the flavour that I was interested in. It was a wonton soup! I absolutely love take away wonton noodle soup so I thought this may be similar.
Inside the package there were two sachets you had to open and pour into the cup. One had the wontons, the mushroom and some sort of meat in it while the other one held the sauce.
You then had to fill the cup up with boiling water, up the the line shown on the outside of the cup. You also have the option to microwave it.
While the soup didn't taste too bad, it was quite watery and had a fairly strong fish sauce flavour to it which got a bit too much by about halfway through. There were only two tiny wontons in it and one piece of mushroom, as opposed to the picture on the front of the package. While I was able to finish the whole cup, I wouldn't have it again. There are so many other cup a soups and instant noodles out there that I'd rather eat. There were other flavours in the range such as Tom Yum and Chicken and Corn, but I'm not sure if I'd try those ones either. This was $1.99 from Safeway.
Product: Soup singles:
Brand: King
Flavour: Wonton
Made in: Thailand
Pass/Fail? Fail


  1. I know! Looking at the pictures now I can't believe I ate it all. :S

  2. thank you im glad i did a search and found your review. im not going to get that now. cheers for the picture.

  3. I tried the hot and sour one today and about halfway i couldnt bear had mushrooms and tofu inside, the mushrooms were awful !! fail

  4. I was turned of after trying this one, so I haven't tried the hot and sour one or any other flavours. I'm surprised they're still selling them :S

  5. I really like the Tom Yum one of these

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