January 22, 2013

Shake Shack, New York

I know I promised a series of posts about the restaurants and food places that I visited while I was overseas and so far it's only been one post.....which isn't exactly what you'd call a series. So here's post #2 - The Shake Shack!
This was another of my favourite eateries in New York. I love eating outside and this place (in Madison Square Park) had a really great, relaxed vibe. I could have just sat there for hours, taking in the views of the Empire State Building, watching the cute squirrels and enjoying the delicious food. I ended up dragging my friend S back there for another lunch, but I wish I could have gone more often! That whole two weeks was a case of too many places to eat at and too little time.
This is the double ShackBurger - so good that I'd have to say it was one of the best burgers I've ever had. That burger meat was so soft and juicy. Also in the middle there is, of course, the fries which as you can see are crinkle cut and so so good. And for the drink I chose a peanut butter shake - very strange, very yummy but also very rich. 
And of course because close ups are vital! 
Hmm look at those chips. Drool!
This was our view of the Empire State Building from where we were sitting. It was incredible watching it change colours as the sun set. That tree in front had a little squirrel that spent literally hours sitting up there (I imagine) defending it's stash from other squirrel 'invaders'. Very entertaining. 
Southeast corner of Madison Square Park
near Madison Ave & E 23rd St
New York, NY

Opening Hours:
Daily, 11am-11pm

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  1. Love reading about your holiday eats! That burger looks delish & the peanut butter shake sounds different but I'm sure it works! All in view of the Empire State building, what more could you want!

  2. It was perfect :) I wish we could just pop over there on one of our coffee/brunch trips, there's so many places there that I'd love to share with the fam :)


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