July 26, 2013

Snow Day

I was driving to one of my favourite stores the other day who were having a garage sale (who can resist a Lark sale?!) when I realised that it was snowing! I know in some places snow is a really common thing, but I think the last time I experienced snow near where I live was over 10 years ago! So this was really exciting for me! I ended up purchasing a few small things at the garage sale but I was more excited about getting back out into the snow. After buying a take away latte from Fango Fango, Daylesford I decided to drive home, pick up my dog and then head up to Mt Macedon so we could both experience the snow.
I also managed to get a couple of short videos on my phone. 
This is the snow falling outside of Lark in Daylesford. It was hard to capture the snow falling and it seemed to be heavier than it looks here, but it gives you an idea.
And this is Lucy experiencing snow for the first time. She wasn't as cautious as I thought she'd be, I think she actually liked it!

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