July 22, 2013

Sydney Part One

A couple of weeks ago I took an last minute trip to Sydney (can it be considered last minute when I booked 3 weeks ahead? It is for me! I'm a planner) It was during the school holidays so I had a couple of weeks off work anyway, but let me tell you, it was just so nice to get away. It made my holidays feel like....an actual holiday. I did a lot of walking, saw the majority of the things that I'd wanted to and ate a lot of beautiful food!
The beautiful Opera House. I've never been that impressed with this Sydney icon, but seeing it up close was pretty cool and you can see why it's a must see on so many tourists to do list.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge. I've never fully realised until now just how massive this bridge is. It was right near my hotel so I had to walk underneath it each day on my way to various places.
Speaking of hotels, I stayed at The Sebel Pier One which was just beautiful. I loved the rustic style (big beams everywhere) and the views out of my window over the water were just beautiful. The staff were so lovely and very helpful. And it didn't hurt that the bathroom was stocked with Apothecary Appelles products which I now want to order for myself.
This is the view out of my window on the first night when I watched the sun set. You can't really see the colours in this photo but it was stunning.
On my first night I decided to have a relaxing night in, enjoy my room and get some room service. The food was amazing, especially the creme brulee I had for dessert.
These were the BBQ Duck Spring rolls with hoi sin dressing that I started off with.

Followed by the Honey glazed pork belly, sour apple puree, caramelised apple, diced crackling. The pork was just so soft and I loved the combined crunch of the apple and crackling.

And my favourite - Creme Brulee, baked green apples with croissant ice cream. The apple was actually at the bottom of the creme brulee which I haven't seen before but which I really liked. And the croissant ice cream finished the dish off really nicely.
Downstairs in the lobby was a huge square of glass in the floor which you could look through to the water underneath (seriously, the hotel is on a pier!). I decided to relax there for a little while on my third morning with a latte.
I did have more foody adventures but I'll save them for my next post! So stay tuned :)

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