January 23, 2014

Dinner at the Union Hotel, Brunswick

Before going to I, Animal at Melbourne Zoo the other night, I took my friends out for dinner to the Union Hotel in Brunswick. It's one of those cute neighbourhood pubs that does fantastic food. My older sister Danielle introduced me to it a while ago and our family has been there for dinner a few times since then. My friends and I sat out in a garden at the back of the pub which was really lovely.
It's a really nice area that would be great to spend hanging out with some friends and having a drink and some nibblies on a warm day. While we were there there was a band playing inside which we could hear from where we were sitting. It was so nice sitting out there, enjoying an cider (thanks to my beautiful friend Steph) and the music.
I'm one of those girls who loves eating red meat (this seems rare to me - I'm not sure if any of you find that?) At the Union Hotel I ordered myself a scotch fillet which came with mashed potato and steamed vegies. That steak was just amazing, it was so so tender and beautifully cooked.
It's a really great little pub, and I'm really looking forward to heading back there with my friends, especially once I live down that way.


  1. A great little pub! Ive been a fair few times and it's always been good! I've never sat outside though! Perhaps we'll have to go one day for a sneaky cider (or two) and sit out! x

    1. I don't think I knew about the garden area before this either. I think I usually tend to go there in winter so maybe that's why. I'd love to have a sneaky cider (or two) with you there, that sounds great!


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