September 22, 2011

Breakfast at Mr Carsisi, Kyneton

I love reading the food sections that come out with the newspapers every Tuesday. They have some great recipes and also reviews for restaurants and cafes that I just drool over. Last week there was a review in one paper for a cafe in Piper St, Kyneton called Mr Carsisi which looked really interesting. The restaurant/cafe's food has a Turkish influence, while the decor is more rustic. It overlooks a small but very pretty park and busy Piper St. You can choose to sit out on the balcony, but on the day we went it was a little chilly so we decided to sit inside.
As you can see the interior is really funky. I love the bar with the different colours and there's a huge piece of artwork on the wall overlooking it.
They also have a few of these types of framed pictures scattered around on the walls which I really liked too.
The coffee was really good at Mr Carsisi. I started out with a skinny latte, which ended up turning into two.
 Now, I must admit, I usually have eggs for breakfast, even when I go out. I have more of a savoury palate, meaning I don't usually go for sweet foods especially in the mornings. I know this is probably a little unbelieveable when you look back over my blog posts - but the thing is I love cooking sweet food but eating savoury. But anyway, when I saw these ricotta hotcakes on the menu I knew I had to try them. They were topped with apple, dates, orange blossom honey and toasted almonds. The hotcakes were just so soft and thick, and the apples were cooked beautifully so they weren't too crunchy. I will admit that for me they were a little overly sweet and I was left craving eggs, despite being full. But I would definitely recommend Mr Carsisi, and I definitely want to go back in the future for lunch or dinner, or even just to try the famous dessert platter I've been hearing so much about.

Mr Carsisi
37C Piper St
Kyneton, Victoria
Ph. 0354 223769


  1. I love going to Mr Casisi, it is really nice sitting outside for breakfast on a warm morning!

  2. I wish it was warm enough when we went up to sit outside! We'll definitely have to arrange coffee/breakfast out on the balcony next time we're up there - especially now the weather is warming up :)


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