December 5, 2011

Breakfast at Emporium on Piper, Kyneton

After staying at my sister, A's, house over the weekend, we decided to head into Kyneton for breakfast. It was a toss up between a couple of cafes but in the end we chose Emporium on Piper - a place that we've both been a few times and really enjoyed. It's a little bit seperate from the main strip of shops on Piper St - and I probably wouldn't have found it unless my sister had originally told me about it. The photo (above) shows the entrance to the cafe, but around to the left there's another entrance (actually on Piper St) which takes you past some outdoor tables and in to the shop side of the Emporium. That's definitely worth checking out as well, as they have lots of great looking products. But for now we'll stick to the cafe and breakfast!
One thing I always know when I go to Emporium on Piper is that I'll get a great coffee. It's consistantly good - I'm not sure what brand they use but they should definitely stick with it. We both ended up having two of these - skinny for me and normal for A.
I love having eggs for breakfast - especially poached (it makes me feel like I'm being just that little bit more healthy) but when I spotted this dish of sauteed mushrooms and thyme on grilled sourdough with goat cheese I couldn't resist. And the waiter kindly allowed me to have a couple of poached eggs on the side. I wasn't wrong - the combination was amazing.
A decided to have the BLT with local bacon, lettuce, slow roasted tomato and avocado mayo. She was torn between this and the corn fritters, but saw on FourSquare that someone had proclaimed this the best BLT. And they weren't wrong, apparently - A said this was one of the best BLT's she's ever had - although it looked a little messy.
Around the cafe they had all these different products that you could buy - going from hot chocolate to cold drinks to jars of sauces and chutneys. Behind us though, these boxes and bottles of cake decorating things caught my eye (surprise surprise!). I just wanted to buy all of them.
Excuse the blurriness in this photo. I thought I'd still include it to show you the range of products they had.
These were my favourites - I wanted to buy a tube of each colour, but couldn't really afford to at that price. I might have to save my pennies and buy myself a tube or two in the future.

Emporium on Piper
89 Piper St,
Victoria 3444
Ph. (03) 54226611


  1. I also love the Emporium, great location, food, ic's and the company is always great too. Love that you are able to meander through the shop and look at all the goodies after a coffee or bite to eat.

  2. Ooh when can we go back?? Lurve those BLT's! Also love the Emporium and agree with Bern...great meandering through the shop with a full tummy looking at all the goodies!

  3. We also had poached eggs for breakfast, after driving to Kyneton last sunday morning.
    A disinterested waitress brought us 2 small pieces of dry toasted bread each with 2 poached eggs thrown on top.
    No sauteed mushrooms or thyme or grilled sourdough or goat cheese as your photo indicated.
    That was it, all for a pricey $20 total. ie: $5.00 / egg.
    I even had to beg the waiter for a little butter to put on my toast afterwards.
    Just to top it off - a paper jackal appeared from outside and snatched the Sunday Age I was reading but had just put down temporarily
    thumbs down - terrible service and terrible value - we will never go there again.

  4. Sorry to hear about your disappointing experience AP. That's a shame :(

    Just to clarify though, what I ordered was actually mushrooms and goats cheese on toast but I asked if I could add two poached eggs to it. I believe that they've changed their menu since then though.


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