December 7, 2011

Christmas Shopping List

I really do admire people who manage to be organised. One of my sister's is like this, she's the organised one of us - always keeping in regular contact with family and friends, always the one to remember (in advance) when someone's birthday or some sort of event is coming up. She has two beautiful young boys, works part time, and yet still manages to find the energy to get everything done - mostly making it look effortless!

But, if you're anything like me around this time of year you'll have countless pieces of paper lying around the house with lists, lists and more lists! Lists of people you need to send cards to, lists of people you need to give presents to, lists of christmas parties and events, lists of things you need to bake for the big day - the list just goes on and on (pun intended). I've recently been introduced to the blog of a shop that I love (thanks to my sister, A) - the shop is called Lark, and it's blog is The Lark Blog. While scrolling back and reading through their entries I came across this fantastic free printable. It combines all of your lists onto one very cute page. I'm planning on printing a couple out for myself to put up on the fridge - no more endless pieces of paper for me!
What about you lovelies? Do you have anything special or cooking related on your wishlist this year? Are you organised with your plans for Christmas?


  1. Nice idea. Think I could do with a few copies as well. I'm a list girl from way back.

  2. I'm a wanna-be list girl so this is perfect for me! I love Lark!


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