January 14, 2013

2013 Reading Challenge

I'm not sure that I'm the only one this happens to, but I read a lot of books and often I can't remember which ones I've read and which ones I haven't. Last year I started using the Good Reads website to keep a track of my reading and at the same time decided to complete the 2012 reading challenge. I was able to read through 70 books, although only just barely, so this year I decided to increase this years goal to 75. Makes sense right?
2013 Reading Challenge

If you want to join me and take part in a reading challenge, whether you love reading or if you want to start reading more just head on over here to get started. The good thing is that you can read as many or as little books as you like, depending on what you think you'll be able to get through :)
You can check out my 2012 books or follow my 2013 challenge if you want.

Tell me, are you a member of Good Reads? Will you be taking the 2013 Reading Challenge? What's your goal? Let me know if you have any suggestions for books I should read this year!

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  1. It takes a really good book to get me reading religiously every night! As my time is precious (two little girls occupy much of my time) I don't bother reading if I'm not enjoying a book.

    I like the sound of being able to read as many or little books as I like! Might have to give it a go!


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