November 29, 2013

Paris to Provence Festival 2013

The Paris to Provence Festival was on in Melbourne over this weekend just passed and I managed to drag my Mum along with me on Sunday. I (and she) were so glad that I did. We felt like we were in the middle of a French market right in Melbourne. There were French food and drink everywhere (champagne, macarons, croissants, pastries and more!), beautiful French clothes and products that were oh so tempting and people wandering around dressed up as Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV.
The event was held at the beautiful Como House, somewhere I'd never been before but was happy to explore. I always think it's fascinating to explore these beautiful old homes and definitely want to go back for a better look (there was so many people it was hard to move around on the day!). The restaurant on the ground 'The Stables' looked really lovely too, I'm curious to see what their food is like. 
Of course, first we had to line up for crepes (thank goodness, because later when we wandered past the line was insanely huge). Mum and I both decided to get the salted caramel crepe, which was delicious. 
This is just some of the food that was on offer that day. Seriously it was so hard to refrain from just buying everything!
And of course, how could we skip the champagne?! We had this with our lunch from the Madame Sousou stall, which was lovely. 
And they had a cake competition where we got to vote for our favourite cake design. These cakes were just amazing, I wish I was half as talented as some of these people. All of the cakes were French themed of course, the winner being the gorgeous Ratatouille one below, but they were all so clever and beautiful.


  1. Wow, those cakes are amazing! Sounds like a great day, takes me back to my days in Paris and I'm sure it did for you too! Glad to see you back on the blog x

    1. Also loving the new colours and titles on the blog, looks great! :)


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