January 9, 2013


Although I'm not the most organised person, I still love buying a diary at the start of each year and use it regularly. Last year I bought the Kikki K 2012 cute diary and loved it, it was the perfect size for me - not too big so I could carry it in my handbag if I wanted, but big enough so I had enough space to write what I wanted in it. But this year I'm a little torn over which diary to get, do I stick with the one I know I love, or do I go with one of the other great diary options that I love. They're all from Kikki-K - I love that shop!
This is this years version of the diary I had last year - it comes with a cute sheet of stickers and a great little notebook. It's called the 2013 Cute Diary.
I just love how colourful every page is and also the fact that you have the whole week laid out on one page so you can see what you've got planned.

This is the second option, the Weekly Diary Sweet. The layout is very similar to the Cute Diary above but the colours aren't as bright, and I think it's really cute.
Or the third option, which is the Inspire Diary is very different from the others. I love the colour of the cover, I think it looks really sweet.
And I love these quotes that are in it, as well as the smaller ones that are on each page.
The layout in this diary is a little different though, the dates and the spaces for them are on the one page and then the page on the right hand side has a quote and room for notes or lists, which I really like.
What do you all think? Which would you choose? Or do you have a favourite diary that you use each year? 


  1. So I know you went shopping today, which diary did you end up choosing?? I love all of them and actually had the first one last year, 2012! I tend to use diaries heaps at the start of the year and then despite my best intentions the usage fizzles down to nothing by the end of the year..oops!

    1. You're right! I did, and I ended up getting the first diary. I'm like you, always start of using it a lot and then fizzle out, but usually it's on and off during the year. :)


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