February 25, 2013

TV Show Addictions

I wanted to share a few of the TV shows I've been watching lately. I seem to be watching more of them than movies lately, and have been borrowing a few through my Quickflix subscription. Watching them this way is great because I don't have to sit through commercials or wait a whole week for the next episode (neither which I have the patience for).
Downton Abbey:

I love history, I love any sort of period TV shows or movies and Downton doesn’t disappoint with it's beautiful costumes and fantastic storylines. Although I did stumble upon a meme the other day and read it without realising it was about the current season and, well now I know something huge which I really wish I didn't. Not that that's going to stop me from watching!

I’ve been addicted to revenge since it first started last year and have been hanging out for the second season to start to see what else they could do with the show! Each episode is so full of twists and turns, that it’s pretty full on to watch and can be hard to follow along with if you miss bits, but watching from the start is so worth it! 

I’m really late to the game with this one. I’ve been wanting to watch Parenthood for a while now but didn’t realise how much I would love it. I got the first season through Quickflix and am now already half way through season 2! It’s such a fantastic show, and I love watching the family dynamics play out – in some ways it reminds me of my own family (four kids, two parents and all the brother in-laws and nieces/nephews).

These are just a couple that I'm watching at the moment, but of course there are other shows that I love and I'm looking forward to new seasons coming out on DVD soon! I'll let you know about them once they do.
Are you watching any great TV shows at the moment that you'd recommend? Or are there any other TV shows that I should hunt down (not currently on TV)?

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  1. I don't know if you know but I love, love, love Parenthood! You HAVE to catch up to todays series! When we were young....


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