February 22, 2013

White Night Melbourne

Is anyone else planning on going to any of the events for White Night in Melbourne tomorrow night? I'm going and I'm actually really excited about it. The idea of Melbourne being open, lit up and busy in the middle of the night sounds exciting.
If you haven't heard about White Night, it's a festival that started in Paris a few years ago now and has spread all over the world. This year is Melbourne's first go at having our own White Night where the city will be transformed into an 'all-night wonderland' (doesn't that sound great?!) There will be events running all night from 7pm until 7am including music, art, film, food and light. I'm especially looking foward to seeing the light show on the Yarra River, some of the buildings lit up, The Arts Centre Ghost Tour, Dancing in Federation Square and the tours at the State Library.
Are you going to White Night in Melbourne or in another city? What events are you planning on going to? Let me know what you think of the night!

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