March 13, 2013

Going spotty

I was wandering through one of my favourite clothing stores one day, picking up items that I wanted to try on and slinging them over my arm. I did a full round of the store and then headed to the dressing rooms where there was a queue. As I stood there looking through what I'd picked up I noticed a trend - almost all of the items I'd picked up had a stripey pattern. All different colours and styles...but all stripes. I wasn't completely surprised - I've had a thing with stripes for a while now - but recently I've noticed that I've started to pick up more items with a different pattern. Spots! I just love the playfulness of polka dots and I love that more polka dotted clothes and things are being sold lately, especially in pants! I've made a round up (be kind, it's my first!) of some of my favourite polka dot items.
1. Trenery Spot Crepe Dress
2. Gorman Hider Spot Pants
3. Country Road 7/8 Spot Jean
4. Gorman Sheer Spot Sock
5. Country Road Knit Spot Scarf
6. Polka dot nail design using Essie nailpolish - found on Pinterest
7. Country Road Edel Queen Quilt Cover
8. Country Road Claudia Hair-on Ballet


  1. Oh I love spots too, i got my little girl some spotty jeans and pink shoes with white spots!! Love the quilt cover, shoes & jeans...oh actually I love them all! :)

  2. Yes I love R's jeans and shoes, so gorgeous! And yes, I would love to have everything on that board...if only!


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