March 8, 2013

Lunch at Cafeteria, New York

And so getting back to my goal to create a blog post for my overseas adventures. I know the time between each post and my trip is getting further and further away but I'm determined to get through each place. This is going to be a quick post on a great little cafe/restaurant called Cafeteria. I don't know why exactly I wanted to go there - I had it in the back of my mind as somewhere I needed to go and knew that I'd heard about it from a tv series, maybe Sex and the City? And it was definitely worth the visit, especially for that fantastic bathroom (which I unfortunately didn't get photos of). You can visit their website and see their menu here.
[photo from Cafeteria website]

As you can see, the inside of the restaurant is very simple but very chic. I love the comfortable couch like seats and all the white. As soon as we were seated my friend and I ordered an iced latte. We were spoiled with beautiful warm weather while we were in New York so there were lots of those consumed! The iced latte was very different from the iced coffees we get here in Australia and not exactly to my tastes. It was like they'd used perculater coffee and then added milk, rather than espresso coffee and milk. We realised on the many occassions that we ordered coffees that we really are spoiled with our coffee here in Melbourne. Ordering a coffee anything like what we have here tended to take a while - Can I please have a tall double shot latte with skim milk? Yes hot. lol
[Iced Latte]
I had a list of foods that I really wanted to try in New York, and Macaroni & Cheese was one of them. When I saw it was on the menu here (not surprising as Cafeteria serves a lot of comfort food) I had to order it. They had a few different types that I was struggling to choose between, but there was also an option on the menu that I chose to go with called Mac Attack Tasting of 3. The three flavours that I went with were Chedder & Fontina cheese which was quite simple but yummy, Smoked Gouda and Bacon which was my favourite, it was very rich and finally Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese which had a nice level of spiceyness to it.
[Mac Attack Tasting of 3 $14]
 And.....close up!
119 7th Ave
New York, NY
Ph. 212 414 1717

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  1. I like the idea of a tasting trio and I would have ordered the same. I'm intrigued by the bathrooms now! :P


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