January 29, 2014

Brunch at Du Fermier, Trentham

As I mentioned back here last Sunday was my birthday and one of my favourite birthday traditions that happens most years is going out to brunch with whichever family members are available. This birthday I went with my Mum, my sister and my niece to Annie Smither's Du Fermier, somewhere I'd been wanting to go for a while. Du Fermier is such a gorgeous cafe, it has a rustic French style that I really love with cool artwork on the walls, and some gorgeous products for sale.

I just love this light shade. I'd love to be able to put this in a future house, or even somewhere in my apartment. It's just perfect!
All of the items on the menu are either grown in Annie Smither's garden, including eggs from her hens or are sourced from local suppliers. I love the idea of everything being grown near the cafe, and being so fresh and healthy. The day we were there the berries had just been picked and were being served with the granola. 
I was torn between going for the savoury option of eggs and the sweet of the hot cakes. Both just sounded so good, but the savoury won out (like it does most of the time). I got the toast with avocado, mushrooms and goat cheese with two poached eggs on the side. The eggs were nicely cooked, just runny enough. As you've probably noticed from here and here, I do love the combination of avocado, goats cheese and eggs. Yum!
Both my sister and my Mum ordered the scrambled eggs, with different sides. My sister went with the smoked trout option while my Mum stuck with the more traditional bacon. 
I think I've found another favourite cafe, I can't wait to go back and really want to take my other sisters along. 

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