February 2, 2014

Gelato Messina, Fitzroy

Hi. I'm Claire and I'm addicted to Gelato Messina. It's not really my fault, you see I was innocently getting my hair cut and coloured one day before Christmas when my hairdressers decided to tell me about the amazing gelato they'd had from there only days before. They'd tried the Christmas Pudding flavour and insisted that I had to go there and try it out. So what else is a girl to do but follow their instructions? And that was it for me....they had salted caramel! With pieces of white chocolate in it! And dulce de leche! And...oh I could go on and on.
I have to say it's the best gelato that I've ever had. I loved that there were little pieces of extras in the gelato, like the last time I went I had a peanut butter gelato that had pieces of chocolate biscuit pie crust in it and it was just amazing. I've been back a few times and introduced some of my family and friends to it. I'm spreading the addiction around. I'm just glad, in one way, that I don't live closer because I'd have to swing by every day (just once...or well, maybe twice). I'm still able to get my fix through their Facebook page where they post all these yummy pictures, but that just makes me want to go back more often.

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