July 19, 2014

The Spotted Owl Cafe, Sunbury

A new cafe has opened up in the town I work in so of course I had to give it a try. While there's a few places I can go to eat during my lunch breaks there's no amazing cafes in the area. I was pleasantly surprised with The Spotted Owl. It's a very light, bright and modern cafe - more of the type you would find in Melbourne, with little potted plants in the entry way which I really liked.
I've been a couple of times since they've opened and have really enjoyed all of my meals. They do some very interesting but tasty combinations that work well.
I think the only thing I've been slightly disappointed with each time I've been has been the coffee. Each time I've ordered my usual skim latte and while it's...okay...there's just a strange taste to it that's not very pleasant. I do love the green plates that the coffees are served on though.
The first time I went I tried the smashed avocado and chickpea on toast and asked for a poached egg on the side. I love avocado so really loved this. The chickpea added that little bit of difference in texture to your usual smashed avocado dish. 
While I was there that first time I spotted people with a dish that looked like Eggs Benedict but couldn't find it on the menu. The second time around I realised that it was on the menu as The Breakfast Stack. This was a little bit of a twist on the usual Eggs Benedict though with the addition of melted cheese, avocado and tomato relish. I liked this version, but I think it was a little too rich because of the cheese - I'd rather stick with the usual Eggs Benedict in the future (with the addition of some avocado - yum!). 

93 O'Shanassy St
Sunbury, 3429
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  1. Looks like a great place for lunch Claire, although a little disappointing that the most important element to lunch, the coffee was a let down! We'll have to have a lunch date there one day! x

    1. I'm hoping the coffee improves! We shall see... A lunch date sounds great!

  2. Such a delightful cafe...much needed in Sunbury. I am not a coffee expert as l like mine week...ummm....1/4 strength ...great food n service!

    1. I agree, Sunbury definitely needed a cafe like this!


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