September 15, 2014

A Round up of Food

I often visit restaurants and cafes over the weekend, but usually don't get enough photos or try enough food to do what I feel like is a proper review. I thought every so often I'd do a post about these places I've visited to share my feelings about what I'd tried so far.

Hammer and Tong 412
I'm still a little undecided about how I feel about Hammer and Tong. The food that I had was amazing - I just had to try the soft shell crab burger. It was lovely and crunchy, with a slight bite from the sauce, but I thought it would be nice if it had come with a side of some sort - it's quite a small meal. I also tried their coffee, ordering a skim latte which I really enjoyed.
On the other hand though, I didn't think much of the service. The waiter who helped us with our table was lovely, but I felt that the other waiters we came into contact with didn't have much personality. We tried a little banter with them a couple of times but got no smile or no reaction really altogether. The whole cafe was a little cramped, with the five of us being squished onto a table for four.'s not enough to put me off completely - I still want to try their breakfast ramen and their french toast sounds really interesting too.

QV Hidden Garden
I accidentally stumbled onto the Hidden Garden at QV, and I'm so glad that I did. It's such a beautiful space. I was hanging out with a couple of friends and when I had to take something back to my car at QV I walked past it. I sent the above photo to my friends asking if they wanted a coffee, with an immediate YES! in response.
Now this is only a pop up garden so I'm not sure how much longer it'll be there but hopefully they bring it back again soon. Each day there's a different thing happening there, including eyebrow shaping, drink mixing classes and on each weekend (like when we were there) it's a cafe, run by Milky Joes that serves coffee, hot chocolate and different sweets. I ordered my usual skim latte and a escargot both which were served up in a cute basket.

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