August 29, 2014

On my Radar

I've been wanting to talk about some different things on the blog every so often, whether it's fashion, the TV shows, movies and books that I love or just things that I've found on the internet. I thought it might seem a little random at first so I thought I'd do a 'On my Radar' post, like this one, every so often.
4 year old reviews The French Laundry - not only is this adorable (the facial expressions of this little girl are hilarious!) but you can drool over pictures of the food that gets served at the French Laundry.
Orange Is the New Black: Season 1- I know I'm late to the game with this one but I've only just got the chance to start watching it. And? It's fantastic! Definitely worth watching!
Food Awards 2014 in the Melbourne Time Out Magazine - there's so many cafes and restaurants I want to try here. I'm glad that Smith and Daughters won the viewers choice award and one of my favourites, Rockwell and Sons, was a runner up for best casual eatery. I just want to eat my way through the entire list!
Daffodil Day - I know everyone seems to be talking about the ice challenge at the moment but I thought I'd remind everyone about Daffodil Day. This is a cause close to my heart and I think it's a great one to donate to. Lets try and get rid of cancer for good!
Ruth Reichl's blog posts about restaurants in Melbourne - especially after seeing her on Saturday. I stumbled upon this earlier today when I was trying to find information on her books and love that she took the time to write about the food she ate while she was in Melbourne, and to hear her thoughts on Cumulus and Attica. Worth a read!

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  1. You write about such interesting and varied matter. l agree Daffodil day is very close to our hearts...please donate to help eradicate this disease. Have you read 1000 miles ?


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