October 18, 2010


Welcome to my new blog! I suppose I should start by introducing myself. I'm Claire, I'm 25 and am from a small country town outside of Melbourne, Australia. I work as a Library Technician in a High School Library (scrupo.wordpress.com) but I also love cooking! I started cooking when I was quite young and have always loved it, especially baking sweet things. I recently discovered Martha Stewart's TV show (I know, I'm so behind on these things!) and have been watching every episode ever since! I love trying out her recipes and I find that they always turn out so well, even if they don't look exactly like they're meant to.

I've decided that since I cook so many of her recipes, and am always taking on little tips of hers, that I'd start a blog to share my cooking. So here we are. I hope you enjoy reading up on my latest cooking successes and tragedies and that you may be inspired to try some of the recipes. All of the Martha Stewart recipes are available from http://www.marthastewart.com/ Enjoy!


  1. I'm completely excited to read your blog! While I'm not very talented in the kitchen myself I adore reading about recipes (and their outcomes).

  2. I'm really looking forward to follow your blog. You sound very passionate about your cooking and your posts so far are informative, look tasty and also simple enough for me to try. Kudos to you, keep up the great cooking!


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