October 26, 2010

Red Velvet Halloween cupcakes

Sorry for the delay in posting! I finally had my first chance to bake since I started this blog. My Mum's patchwork group decided that their meeting would be Halloween themed (despite the fact that we don't celebrate Halloween in Australia - a fact that I'm terribly sad about) so I volunteered to help her out on the 'bring a dish' side of things. I decided to go with my personal favourites, Red Velvet cupcakes because of the red colour and the fact that they always get compliments when I cook them. I, of course, used Martha Stewart's recipe which you can find on her website.
Hm can you tell that I went just a little overboard with the red food dye? I figured it was okay though because the 'blood red' colour fits in with the Halloween theme! lol Lucky!
This is what the cakes looked like after I'd taken them out of the oven. I'm amazed at how most of them pretty much turned out the same size. That never happens for me!
And here's the finished product after I'd iced them. I used a cream cheese icing and left half of the cakes a natural white-ish colour and made the rest orange, as you can see. Luckily I had no disasters with these (well except for the state of the kitchen after I'd finished, but that's normal for me lol), I think they all turned out really lovely. All the harder for me not to try one!

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Hi, I am the lucky lady Claire cooked these delicious cakes for, ha thats right I'm her Mum. I have tried these red velvet cakes before and Claire hasn't let us down this time around either...they are fantastic.Do you realize how hard it has been for me passing this batch of cakes all day and NOT have one...ha! but I can let loose tonight.Thanks so much Claire I know the ladies will be besotted with your scrumptious offerings to celebrate Halloween.

  2. I too have had the pleasure of tasting Claire's cupcakes...delectable is the best description. Seriously you cannot stop at one!! Claire often bakes these cupcakes to share at a get together or special occasion. I hope Mum cleaned up your mess for you, after all you did bake for her this time ;-) Kudos to you again Claire!


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