November 4, 2010

Chocolate & Cinnamon chip Cookies

I hope everyone had a great weekend, whether you were celebrating Halloween, the Melbourne Cup or whatever else was on over the past weekend. We don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia, but we did have a long weekend for the Melbourne Cup. For those who haven't heard of it, the Melbourne Cup is a horse race which has been happening every year for 150 years. People who live in Victoria get it (Tuesday) as a public holiday, and the school I work at also gave us the Monday off, so it was a very long weekend for me!

I dragged my Mum over to a shop on the other side of Melbourne to where I live, which sells all American foods and products. One of the things I purchased was a bag of Hershy's cinnamon chips which I decided to use in my chocolate chip cookies that I made the next day. I've found a recipe by Martha Stewart which makes really nice cookies - I prefer softer cookies than crunchy ones. They're called Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies - click, as usual, to get through to the recipe on the Martha Stewart website.

Here's the mixture. It was so hard not to eat this! Anyway, I added the cinnamon chips, and also chopped up a small block of Cadbury's milk chocolate to add in. I usually prefer a nicer tasting chocolate, like Cadbury's, to the cooking chocolate - both milk and white preferably!
Here are the (so wonderfully, temptingly fragrant) cookies straight out of the oven. The recipe says to scoop tablespoons of the mixture and drop them on the oven tray, but I find that a dessert spoon (just a normal sized spoon) is more than enough to make good sized cookies!

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