October 28, 2010

Rosemary Meatballs

I was struggling to come up with something to cook for dinner last night, when I remembered Martha's Rosemary Meatballs that I'd made once before. I like these because they're a little bit different to how we normally cook meatballs. They actually have lemon rind and juice in them which gives them a really nice tang and flavour. You can find the recipe on the Martha Stewart website.

These are a few of the ingredients that go in. The recipe calls for pork mince as well as beef mince but I ended up just using beef mince since we didn't have any pork. I thought the meatballs still turned out really well, but I haven't tried them with pork mince to be able to tell the difference. Someone else out there might be able to tell me if I'm missing something!

I had to cook them in batches as you can see, because I got quite a few meatballs. They smelt amazing, with the mixture of lemon, rosemary and garlic wafting through the kitchen!

And here's the finished product. I swear, these meatballs are such an easy meal to make. You just throw everything into the bowl and mix it all together for the meatballs. The mixtures is easy to roll into balls and then you just fry them up. The sauce on top is just a jar of tomato pasta sauce which you can buy from any supermarket and I just steamed up some carrot, broccoli and potatoes (which I mashed) to go with them. A very easy, quick and delicious meal!

A little side tip: While I was searching for the meatball recipe I noticed a recipe for buttermilk mashed potatoes. I didn't get to have a proper look at that recipe but later on when I was making the mashed potatoes I remembered it and decided to try adding some buttermilk to my potatoes. I didn't notice much of a difference in the flavour of the potatoes but they did turn out nice and creamy and smooth.

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  1. These look tasty Claire, I wonder if the pork mince would make a difference? I often use a mixture of mince in my spaghetti bolognaise. What will you bake next?? Kudos!!


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