August 15, 2011

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio

I first found out about Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio when co-owner Darren Purchese appeared on Masterchef with an amazing looking cake. I got excited because most of the chefs that appear on Masterchef are from restaurants in Sydney, especially if they specialise in sweets! Finally here was an eatery from Melbourne that I could visit, and I did so as soon as I could. I've been back a couple of times now too, I just love it so much. It's not just your average cake shop either, there's edible wall art, beautiful cakes on display, interesting flavoured icecreams, and (when I was there) music from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory coming through the speakers. It's a shop to take you back to your childhood, and amazes you with what these two chefs can create. You can buy larger cakes from them (where you can pick your own flavours and design) or you can buy already created cakes of all sizes. There are single serve cakes too, which I've tried a couple of. Each cake, no matter how big or small, is made up of all different elements, whether it's mousse, jelly, chocolate mist, maracons etc. etc.
The shelves are full of products from blocks of chocolate, jars of spreads and jams, sachets of chocolate clay and more. They usually have a couple of these that you can taste on the front counter.
From the back of the store you can see right into the kitchen where all the magic happens. Look at those beautiful cakes on display as well! Everything on them is edible.
Here are some of the single serve cakes in the display cabinet. Aren't they pretty?!
More beautiful cakes. I tried the raspberry one in the middle there.
It was hard to choose just one cake to try. I know, I could have picked more, but this just gives me another excuse to go back in the future!
This is a close up of the cake that I chose. It was called Raspberry, White Chocolate, Honey, Lychee. On the website it says the cake is made up of White chocolate & raspberry mousse, raspberry & lychee jelly, muesli & honey nut sponge, raspberry & hibiscus jam, honey lychee syrup, exaggerated raspberry cream and chocolate velvet spray. I know! All that in one little cake!
They even sell ice cream! And they have some really interesting flavours too. I tried the butterscotch popcorn flavour, which was wonderful. I really wanted to try the spicy pumpkin flavour but unfortunately they didn't have any of the little tubs left.
I love this - it's actually edible wall art! Each of those beautiful flowers is made out of chocolate.
Some different coloured meringues they had on the counter. I love these little puffs of sugar, they just look so beautiful and inviting.
And here are some of the beautiful cakes they had on display around the store. Everything on them is edible, including the flours, the caterpillar and the balls.

Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio
647 Chapel St
South Yarra, Victoria
Ph. 03 9827 7060

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