January 20, 2012

Australia Day

Australia Day is coming up on the 26th of January and I've already started thinking about what I want to make for it. The main reason being, it's actually my beautiful nephew Lenny's 1st birthday that day. Which of course means an Australian themed BBQ party! I've found so many recipes that I want to try but I've been able to narrow it down a bit to the following sweet treats. Aren't they just so clever and cute?! I'll post the recipes once I've made them and let you know how they went.

Caramel Laminton from Not Quite Nigella
 Koala Cupcakes from Blempgorf
Echidna Cupcakes from Yahoo Food


  1. Look forward to seeing and tasting your yummy Aus Day treats next week.

    1. I can't wait to bake them and see how they turn out too :)


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