March 29, 2012

Easter Flashback

Easter to me has always been full of chocolate and hot cross buns. Chocolate that I'd nibble at every so often and that would suddenly disappear one day (into the depths of my Dad's stomach I'm sure!) and hot cross buns full of juicy sultanas, toasted and topped with melted butter. Hmm....I'm just drooling thinking about it! (Ahem, too much information?) Two of my favourite recipes that I've posted about just happen to cover both of these things, so that's why I thought I'd do a sort of flashback post!
I posted about these delicious Cinnamon Choc Chip Hot Cross buns just last year and I'm really tempted to make them again this year. They're not your regular hot cross buns but are a combination of chocolate and cinnamon and taste amazingly similar to a cinnamon scroll. They're so easy to make, which really surprised me and go great with a cup of coffee!

And then there's the Lindt Chocolate Easter Cheesecake which was absolutely divine! This cheesecake is chocolate overload - the actual cheesecake has 70% dark lindt chocolate in it and then in the middle of all that rich chocolatey goodness are some Lindt balls and eggs in the middle - need I say more!


  1. The cheesecake sounds amazing! And yes Easter means eating lots of chocolate and hot cross buns to me too! :D

  2. The cheesecake was amazing - and thanks to you for the recipe for the Hot Cross Buns :)

  3. One word....YUM!
    Easter also means chocolate to me. I prefer the white variety! It also reminds me of camping trips, warm sunny days and cooler nights, campfires, swimming and fishing!
    Hope you get to enjoy some tasty chocolate before dad pinches it all on you ;-)

  4. Yum indeed!

    Ah yes, of course, how could I forget our annual camping trips. :D So many adventures!


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