February 6, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears

My gorgeous nephew L turned 2 on Australia Day and to celebrate we took him to the Melbourne Zoo for a picnic and to see the animals. It turned out to be extra special since a baby elephant had been born a week or so before that so we got to see him too.
What's a blog post without some elephant butt?!
A watching the giraffes. There was a cute zebra in with them too.
One of my favourite animals to see at the zoo has always been the lions. They were really funny to watch that day, like three guys hanging out. You can walk around their enclosure or go up on the walkway overlooking it. At first they were over near the walkway snoozing, two of them on their backs. Rude.
Later on they moved over to the other side of the pen and took it in turns to roar at each other.
And here are a few of the other animals we saw, the reptile enclosure seemed to be a favourite (not that I get the appeal). I must admit there was one very cute lizard in there (picture below) with what seemed like a lot of personality. 

After seeing a whole heap of animals we stopped in a grassy area where the zoo has twilight concerts and had our lunch and cake. My very creative sister made this awesome Lion cake - L's pick of course!
Happy Birthday Little L :) xo

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