August 26, 2013

The Sweet side of New York City

One thing I noticed about staying in New York was the over abundance of sweet things. There were not only the huge amounts of candy and chocolate - some of what we get in Australia but with different flavours - but even the bread and burgers buns were sweet! I found that only after a few days of being in the city that I was craving a 'proper meal'. I needed meat. I needed vegetables! I'm not sure if it was just the food we were eating, or whether New Yorkers or Americans in general are used to the high sugar content? I will say that I was more than happy to browse through the big stores with all those sweet things as it was such a novelty for me.
I found out about Dylan's Candy Bar not long before we left for our holiday and knew I had to get us there somehow! I'm so glad we did, imagine - a 3 level store filled with candy, chocolate and sweet things with staff who are lovely and excited about their jobs. This is where we first tried one of the best tasting things in the world (this coming from someone who's not a sweet tooth!) - Candy Corn M&Ms!
I'd been wanting to go to FAO Schwarz ever since I saw Tom Hanks in the piano scene in Big. While I knew about the floors and floors filled with toys, I had no idea that they had such a big sweet section on their bottom floor. There seemed to be so many tubs filled with weird and wonderful candy and chocolates, or lots of giant versions or giant bag fulls of sweets. 
These are just a couple of the different sorts of chocolate bars I found. We do have Milky Ways and Twix in Australia, but definitely not caramel and peanut butter flavoured ones!
A new addiction! Candy Corn M&Ms! When the girl in Dylan's Candy Bar offered us a sample of these we were a little uncertain, but she was so excited for us to try them we gave them a shot. And...they were amazing! We both immediately bought some and a couple of bags ended up in my luggage to bring home. Hmm, I wish they had these in Australia!
How could we pass up Ben & Jerry's. While this is now sold in Australia we definitely don't have many of the different flavours that they have in the USA. This the 'Late Night Snack' that I tried Vanilla bean ice cream with salty caramel and fudge covered potato chip clusters. I know it sounds weird, but the combination worked really well together with the sweet and salty.
I loved the time of year that we were there, summer had just ended so we still had amazing weather - all beautiful sunny days, but we got to enjoy some of the benefits of Autumn (fall). The shops were full of pumpkins, Halloween decorations and candy were starting to come out in stores and Starbucks had their pumpkin spice lattes in. While I enjoyed the mixture of the pumpkin and spices (and coffee!!) I found it was a little too sweet for me. 

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