March 31, 2014

Heston's coming to Melbourne!

I found out a piece of super exciting news earlier today. Heston Blumenthal is bringing his three-Michelin-star The Fat Duck restaurant to Melbourne for 6 months next year! In a press conference held today Heston made his announcement. "I guess you are expecting me to announce the opening of a new restaurant; I'll move onto that in a bit. But in fact, what I'm going to announce now is the closing of a restaurant. I'm going to shut The Fat Duck and bring it here to Melbourne," he said, "It's the furthest migration a duck of any kind, let alone a fat duck, has made. I'm going to close the restaurant and I'm going to bring it here to Crown Melbourne Resort for six months."
Of all cities around the world, I just can't believe that he chose Melbourne. I'm already making plans to go with my friends. Just over a year ago I went to London on my own and had plans to book in at The Fat Duck but found out that unfortunately you can't book for a single person. So maybe now I'll finally have my chance to go, if we can get a booking!
Apparently the Bray restaurant will be closed for renovations so Heston will be bringing his whole team over to the Melbourne restaurant. He said that he'll be introducing some Anglo-Australian dishes to the Melbourne menu so it'll be really interesting to see what he can come up with.

Once the 6 months is over, which will be in about August 2015 The Fat Duck Melbourne will be closing. In more exciting news though, that will be when Heston's other restaurant 'Dinner by Heston Blumenthal' will be opening at Crown Casino so we'll all hopefully have a chance to try at least one (or both) of Heston's feasts.

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