August 25, 2014

Ruth Reichl at the Melbourne Writer's Festival + Lunch at Bowery to Williamsburg

I've only read one of Ruth Reichl's books, Garlic and Sapphires, but it's one of my favourites. Garlic and Sapphires is the account of Ruth's time as New York Time's food critic (dream job!). It was fascinating to read of how she would dress in disguise so she wouldn't be recognized and how she was treated in comparison to when restaurants knew who she was. And the way that she described the amazing meals that she ate....I could almost taste them myself!
Ruth has just released her first fiction book Delicious!, and is visiting Melbourne for the Melbourne Writer's Festival. She had 3 talks over this past weekend, the one I went to was a Q&A about her new book, Delicious! I've just started reading it and am loving it so far. The Q&A was held in the Deakin Building at Federation Square which is such a beautiful room, especially on a sunny day like we had.
Ruth also had an amazing sounding talk on about food writing over the weekend, but that one was just a little out of my price range. I'm just glad that I at least got to see her talk at all!
I must admit that listening to all the talk about food made me hungry so my friend, who I went to the talk with and I headed to Brewery to Williamsburg which was close by in Oliver Lane. We'd heard mention of their peanut butter hot chocolate and had to try it! I loved the cup it was served in, it was made to look like plastic cup that had been crumpled a little. I'm not usually one for hot chocolates, often I find them overly sweet but this one had the perfect level of sweetness. It wasn't overwhelming at all. Plus it comes with a Reese's Peanut Butter cup on the side. Yum!
I was originally planning on ordering the Reuben sandwich, but instead decided to go for one of the brunch dishes. The maple baked beans, bacon and poached eggs on rye toast was fantastic so I'm glad I swapped. The eggs were perfectly runny, with gorgeously orange yolks. The bacon had a sweetness to it and the beans (which I'm usually not a fan of) were warm and comforting. I definitely want to go back to try more of their dishes, especially the amazing American desserts - pecan pie, New York cheesecake...and the bagels! 
Bowery to Williamsburg
16 Oliver Lane
The view looking back down Flinders Street was so beautiful I couldn't resist taking this shot of Flinders St Station from afar. If you're interested in any of Ruth Reichl's books follow the links below to find out more. I'm really looking forward to reading another of her books, Tender at the Bone, next!


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